UNIMAS Health Centre (UHC)

UNIMAS Health Centre

UNIMAS Healthcare Centre or better known as UNIMAS Clinic located at Level LG, Student Affairs & Alumni Buliding which next to the student bus stop. UNIMAS Clinic provide medical services and primary healthcare for all citizens of UNIMAS.
UNIMAS Clinic managed by UD54 Head of Medical Officer together with:

  • 5 Medical Officer;
  • 3 Assistant Medical Officer;
  • 10 Nurses;
  • 4 Pharmacy Assistant Officer;
  • 2 Assistant Environmental Health Officer;
  • 1 Physiotherapist;
  • 1 Laboratory Technician;
  • 4 Assistant Health Care;
  • 1 Assistant Administrative Officer; and
  • 2 Assistant Administrative;
  • 3 Drivers.

UNIMAS Clinic also provide transport to send and pick-up student to General Hospital, Polyclinics, and Health Center either by appointment or emergencies.